I Bought A Domain Name Now What? 7 Best Things To Do


A Lot of people are thinking about starting an online business right now. I Bought A Domain Name Now What?  If you are buy the domain name, then you are start very first step in online business in 2020.

Do you know, we all are suffering from corona influence factor? The financial impact of the 2020 corona virus pandemic in India has been largely harmful and also consumer buying habits change our day-to-day lives.

If you are already bought a domain name then first of all we congratulate for you are very first step in online business.

If you are take too much time after buying a domain name and don’t know what next best step is?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

So let’s discuss I bought a domain name now what?” Here is our most informative article or post on 7 best things to utilize your domain well.

Start a blogging with your own domain name is the best option in all respects. It is not only my belief, but it is also advice by Sr.bloggers.

 That’s because…

Only a blog can give you the freedom to live life on your own terms and best way to start an online business and enhance your business without doing a 9:30 Am to 6PM tedious job.

So let’s start reading this article and get benefits

If you are read this article or post from start to end so you’ll get lot of information to know about:

I Bought a Domain Name, Now What?

  • 1. Build a Website or Blog with using Your Domain Name.
  • 2. Create Your Custom/Professional Email Address.
  • 3. Create an Online Store with Your Domain.
  • 4. Sell the Domain for Instant Cash.
  • 5. Use Your Domain to Create a Portfolio Site.
  • 6. Create a Standalone Landing Page.
  • 7. Redirect Your Domain to Your Social Media Profile.

Build a Website or Blog with your brand new Domain Name

If you are start a blog, check my comprehensive guide on How to Start a Blog in 2020 and follow the steps to create your own blog in just few minutes.

So without more discussion let’s see what things you can do after bought a domain name.

First Option:-

Build a Website or Blog Using Your Domain Name:-

After buying a domain, then you need web hosting to launch your blog, without a web hosting service you can’t live your new website. Without getting a web hosting where you can store your content , post or article etc. of your website  if you can live a your new website you have required web hosting  services. Hosting is a core part of your blog or website.

You are new in this blogging industry then maybe you don’t know that which hosting service company you should use for creating your blog or website,

Then let’s explain and recommend you which hosting company and there plan you can use to host your blog or website.

Do you know tons of free webs hosting to you but I already know that hosting will not really worth it and make your site. You will not get such of facility that you can monetizes and it will not beneficial and most importantly – you’ll have no control over your blog.

If you are serious about blogging, the free blogging platform is not a way to go, if you want to upgrade you should use paid version.

So instead of giving you the ton of hosting list, I recommended you to go with Bluehost.


Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting companies on the internet. Bluehost is the No.1 hosting for beginners, and honestly there support and service are very good and reliable; they are also the largest brand name when it comes to WordPress hosting because they host millions of websites.

 Bluehost is not only my first recommendation but also almost all senior-bloggers recommend it because their service and price are always best and also WordPress itself too. (You can see the recommendation of WordPress here)

So those regions we are recommend go to Bluehost. You can buy this unique link then get Big….. Discount.


So, are you excited to start your business? 

You click on our Bluehost link, you will show this screen.


Next, click on the get Started button stating “Get Started Now” and move onto the next step.

Select the appropriate plan that you need (basic & plus plan are the most popular for beginner blogger).


Now, after then you have to Enter the domain name for your website.

 We have Assuming that you are already having a domain name because you are Enter our post or article from your question was “I bought a domain, now what?” It is now time to make it official.

Just enter your domain name in the column and press “next”.


Fill your Account Information:-

Finally, you will require filling your account information and finalizing the package information to complete the process. We always recommend you to get 36-month plan because it has the best value.


Enter Your Payment Information:-


Once complete the process, you will receive an email for confirmation congratulation with details on how to login to your web hosting control panel or cPanel. This is where you manage everything from support, emails, among other things. But most importantly, this is where you install WordPress.

Recently blue host launched the new version to make it easier for non-tech and beginner bloggers to create their blog. If you have sign up   through our bluehost Link then automatically setup your wordPress.

Setup Your Domain with Hosting

You have bought your host and domain name from the bluehost, then you can skip this part. 

If you bought your domain name somewhere else, Now you have to do it manually because important point how connect both hosting service companies.

Here are the steps to connect your Godaddy domain to bluehost service Provider Company.

Now follow the procedure-

  1. Go to Godaddy website and login your account.
  2. Navigate to “My Products” then click on “Domains“.
  3. Select the domain name that you want to use for host, Click on It.
  4. Go to the scroll down of the page and click on “Manage DNS“. then
  5. Go to the nameservers section and click on the “Change button”.
  6. Now choose your new nameserver and add the following line only once in each box-
    • ns1.bluehost.com
    • ns2.bluehost.com
  7. Save it. Your domain is now pointing to the Bluehost successfully.

After this process it usually takes 1 hour to 8 hours to reflect globally. 

After that, you can install WordPress on your domain by just going to your account and you’ll see the option to make WordPress on that.


Once you are installing the WordPress, you can now login to your WordPress account with your credentials and access. The next important step for design your website.

Setup Your New Website-

After installing WordPress to your domain, then basic site will show on your screen. Do you know wordpress is open-source software; WordPress has tons of free customized designs, themes that will be access free theme on your dashboard you can find in the sidebar for the “Appearance” key, and then click “Themes” as per your choice. Mostly beginners are using free theme.

If you want to make your website look like a professional, so invest in themes due to this the simplest investment on your blogging business. With a premium theme, you get a lot of things like good speed, good security, and excellent support also I see many bloggers don’t invest during this sort of thing and face many problems later.

Here are some of my favorite Premium WordPress themes that you can use on your website-

  1. Generate Press

GeneratePress is that my favorite theme that I recommended, its lightweight theme the size of the theme is less than 50 kb. I use this theme in my many blogs. This theme is easy to customize so anyone newbie can customize it. The support of this theme is amazing. It is a fantastic theme.

  1. Astra Pro Theme:

We have also recommended this theme. Astra Pro is lightweight and easy to customize the theme. This theme more features and you’ll make your homepage attractive and responsive I’m using it on my E-commerce affiliate blogs.

  1. Genesis –StudioPress Theme

StudioPress is also most popular WordPress theme. The best thing about this theme is SEO friendly. This theme comes with framework name Genesis. This theme is also very lightweight and easy to customize so new bloggers can customize it. It is a fantastic theme.

If you have done above work then write your first blog post, click on the Posts » Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard.

you are also read our most popular article “How to start a blog?”


Second Option:-

Create Your Professional Email Address:-

Do you still wonder how proficient it would be to create a professional email address with your domain name? Let me explain you in detail, A professional email address is nothing but the one which is created with your company name as your domain name instead of the general domain names like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail etc.

Create -Your-Professionl-Email-Address

Imagine if someone named Sandy.It’s most common name, now to create his own email address in Gmail, He may create as [email protected]. But, not create due to many people already create in the same name, he will not be allowed to take up that email address,

This leads the person to add random numbers and symbols with his name which makes the address quite complicated such as [email protected]

This is frequently inconvenient for both the user and the owner. 

In a way to avoid such these types of situation, when you have your own domain, you can personalize your email address professionally with your company name. For eg: [email protected]

Creating an email address customized with your company name promotes your business and turns into another level.

Having a custom email can be beneficial in many ways. Like-

Marketing: If you create a personal email ID for your business, it is advisable to share it among employees. So when your employees’ share their email ID’s with others, people will also know the name of your domain, and this will promote your business.

Professionalism:  just imaging if you create a custom email address made from your domain name then makes your address is professional and unique. There is less chance that people will face a problem in creating a new email ID…

Reputation: Having a custom email address will make your customers and employees have more faith in you. They will consider your work to be serious and genuine.

 Do you still have a doubt as I bought a domain name, now what? Hope this article gives you a clear-cut clarification on some of the efficient ways to use your domain name and If you like this article let us know in the comments section. If you also have a creative way to use a domain then also let us know in the comments.

Third Option:-

Create an E-Commerce Online Store with Your Domain:-

You can customize your domain by E-Commerce platform .E-commerce website is different from the standard website,as stated above, as it will be like your online store.You will be transacting with customers through it. You can buy and sell products here. If this process is made simple, your online shop will benefit directly from it.



  1. Easy to Use:

The ease of using the online store should be a two-way streak. It should be easy for both- you and the customer. Here are some features that your website must include to make it practical, useful, and trendy.

  1. built-in payment process:

You will cut down the time of being transferred to another website where e-commerce companies lose most of their audience. If this process is made simple, your online shop will benefit directly from it

  1. Inventory Management:

It is often hard to keep track of the physical stock and online orders. It is common to receive online orders and find that you no longer have stock to fulfill it. Here are some features that your website must include to make it practical.

It means you need to create or buy the products option and then ship option also. There are very true thousands of ecommerce websites online stores run that time .So make sure you have an idea for your own product, with a detailed strategy and latest marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd.

Fourth Option:-

Buy and sell your domain:-

If you not create a blog or website and also not clear to do anything with this domain now and are thinking that I have bought a domain name now what?

Then you can also think about selling it.

Some people cannot find the proper domain as per requirement. So, they can go and buy a pre-made domain and save their time and energy.

Find below some tips to easily buy and sell your domain:

Strait you’re Focus:

It is always good to target a type of industry while buying a domain in order to resell it. For example, strait If you have a more excellent knowledge of health, it is advisable to buy a domain related to health.

 In such cases, selling the domain comes into play. You can contact interested buyers on domain after-market sites. These sites take a small portion of your sale in the form of a commission. You can instantly sell your domain, or you can put it on auction as well. Now that we have established that you would enter a genre you are familiar with, you will soon begin to analyze the need for a name in the market keeping your competitor s domain in mind. Questions like- how competitive is the market, amount of turnover and rate of return are good to look into.

Fifth Option:-

Create a One-page Site Standalone Landing Page?

Are you a businessman and do not want to create a blog for your business, but you want that you have a place on the Internet, where you can convert visitors into your customer, then this option is only for you.


These kinds of web pages are just a one-page website, and which aims only to reach customers to your products or to collect their email addresses so that you can send them emails about the discount on your products.

It is very different from a simple website; it does not have many pages, nor do you need to publish articles on it. The best part is that you do not even need to update it for a long time.

How it works?

  1.  Create the standalone landing page.
  2.  Connect your email marketing tool.
  3.  Get visitors to it.
  4. Capture their email address via email marketing tools.
  5. Send them discounts, offers or information about your new products.
  6.  Make money sitting at home.

Once you receive their email address, you can repeat this process again and again whenever you want.

How to Create a Standalone Landing Page?

Although there are a lot of tools available on the web for it, I recommend you to use Thrive Architect to create your landing page. It’s very simple to create a landing page using it. Even a person who does not know about coding at all can do it too.

You do not need to do much for this. Just install it on your domain and import one of the available landing page templates on it. Now change its images and contents according to your needs. Simple.

Click Here to Create Your Landing Page

Sixth Option:-

Portfolio Site with your domain:-

I bought a domain name, now what? Don’t worry; we help you to guide that what you can do with it.Personal-Portfolio

You can create a portfolio site with your own domain name, in which you can show the your talent of the works that you have done for your clients.

 Do you I know that there are so many platforms available for it, if then why do I need a portfolio site. Right?

 If you create and show your knowledge it is very important. It establishes trust for you in your clients. It assures the new clients that you have mastered in your area.

Seventh Option:-

Redirect Your Domain to Social Media Profile:-

After that purchase a domain name, you do not want any further investment and not better understand I bought a domain name, now what?  It is a simple way you want to use your domain name effectively, and then you can redirect it to your social media profile.

Redirect Your Domain to Social Media Profile

It is a very easy and simple process
Just log in to your domain service provider dashboard and redirect your domain to your social media profile or wherever you want.

Conclusion and outlook:-

These were some profitable ways in which you can use your domain name. There are infinites possibilities for you to use your domain.
Do you still have a doubt as I bought a domain name, now what? Hope this article gives you a clear-cut clarification on some of the efficient ways to use your domain name and If you like this article let us know in the comments section. If you also have a creative way to use a domain then also let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share, if you found it helpful for you.


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