What is the difference between a domain name and a web hosting?

We are often asked by our readers to explain what is the difference between a domain name and web hosting? Many beginners don’t know that these are two separate things. In this beginner’s guide,we will explain the difference between a domain name and web hosting.

Domain names and web hosting both are different services. Do you know I am always ask this question with beginners. Mostly don’t know both service are different.  In this post we will explain difference between a domain name and a web hosting.

Domain name


Domain name is unique and different name. You can see two websites can have the same domain name.

What is a Domain? This is very first question for anyone who’s thinking of launching their own website. Behind a domain name IP address is work or Your IP Address is your domain name it means domain name is an identification of your name on the internet. websites are connected with IP address and IP Address are basically numerical addresses like that tell your browser where to find the website on the internet.

It is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers. Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses.

Domain name is a human readable version of the IP address. An example of what is a domain name like: https://google.com

I think one part is clear about difference between a domain name and web hosting.

Now we have explained with more details about domain

There are many different type domain name extensions that are available. Some of the most common and popular domain name extensions type is: .com, .in, .net, .org, .info, .edu, .biz. There numerous other country level domains such as .us,  .ly, .io, and many more.

How to register a domain name?

There are many companies provide these services you can buy or register domain names from one of them.

  • Get a FREE domain for 1 year from Bluehost service provider.
  • Most popular domain and hosting provider is Domain.com go and register here.
  • Go to GoDaddy.com and Register here.
  • buy through  HostGator is also  popular.

What is Web Hosting and how to relate each other?


Web hosting companies provide a space on server because all the files and folder of your website in this these service provider.These service provider companies call us web hosting company. 

All websites on the internet, need web hosting.

Without a web hosting service, you can’t live your new website. We have explained what is the difference between a domain name and a web hosting? If you are register a domain name without getting a web hosting where you can store your HTML,CSS Public Folder etc. of your website  if you can live a your new website you have required this service. 

Different types of hosting plans

Web hosting companies provide a best service for your newly website they offer different types of hosting plans to their customers.

Our first recommend Bluehost.  Because they are provider good offer for our readers a free domain name and approx. 65% discount on hosting. So you can get start here.

You can purchase through Bluehost you save money and time. A web host service provider mostly provide a FREE domain.


A Bluehost web hosting service provider company Get FREE domain.

I think you are buy these services domain and hosting and your very  next step is  how to start a blog or website so you can  read my Article How to start a blog  completely FREE of Cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DNS?

Domain names are not a small part of network it’s a much larger network called the DNS (Domain Name System) . The DNS is managed by the Internet Corporation. This non-profit organization.

2. I can buy domain and web hosting in different service provider

You can purchase domain and hosting services from two different service providers. In that case you will sent you DNS Server name in service Provider Company and you can also change the DNS name Server.

If you can buy both services it means domain and hosting from the same company,then you can’t require any changes. I suggest both service buy from single service provider because easily to manage under the same platform.

3.Who is best web hosting service provider?

You’ll require a hosting to use one of these registrars to register your domain name and hosting services. We have already explained this post difference between a domain name and web hosting Here are some of the best domain name & Hosting Service provider Companies.

  • Get a FREE domain for 1 year from Bluehost service provider.
  • Most popular domain and hosting provider is dot.com go and register here.
  • Go to dot.com and Register here.
  • Shop through HostGator is also  popular.

4. What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is an also called a child domain, is a part of larger network called the DNS (Domain Name System) . The DNS is a large network of servers that are located across the world  under the main domain name. Once you register a domain, you have the permission to create subdomains for it by yourself.

5.Can I cancel my domain registration?

After registration some domain registrars allow you to cancel your domain registration within 7 days if you want to cancel your registration, but generally domain registrars not revert back any amount against domain purchase  because the polices.

6. Can I sell a domain name?

Again Yes, you can sell your domain name. Domain names are like your property on web. Do you know   domain buy and sell business is multi-million dollar business industry. There is a high demand for good domain names.

7. I can buy more than one domain name?

Yes, you can purchases as per your requirement.


If you have been planning to start a blog in 2020 it’s your very first step is register your

your domain and Hosting.

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We hope this guide helped you to What is the difference between a domain name and a web hosting?

If you are beginner learn and implement. I hope you are satisfied in my article on What a domain name is and how to register? to be helpful.

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