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About me:-I am professional blogger, affiliate marketer and an online entrepreneur.

About Technical Digital Tips

I am the owner and Founder of this website.

Technical digital Tips main goal how to start a blog step by step guide for beginner,About SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Digital marketing and many more Advance Tips.

I have learn and putting more efforts to make it a good blog for our readers. This blog has given me a lot of online exposure and many people interact in the blog sphere, known me just because of this website. My blog is running for the right information for our readers and also share more blogging & digital tips.

I decided to run a blog for bloggers The main goal how to help you regarding How to start a blog? About SEO, Affiliate Marketing and many more and also I have share Advance Tips. Because I observed that many people are look out on same problem that I have faced earlier in my career.

I started this blog on December 2017 after putting more efforts on this blog, but you know I have not achieved anything because I learned without right information and due to this reason   I am not grabbing in blogging career so, I couldn’t do anything.

But, I didn’t demotivate about my goal.

Again I started my blogs September 2018 and learned and implement on my blog and raise my affiliate niche blogs.

My Early Life

Before starting this blog I worked as a Manager IT in different corporate sector. I am satisfied with job but suddenly recession at my last company and exactly the same time or period my Mother’s health got worse no anybody care. My family members told us left the job and come back to home. So I have decide back to pavilion and start the own business. After massive failure & struggle in my life in the journey of make money or stable the business.  I swill Three Years for make money through online. I got success after giant struggle. I spent the last three years & researched about various ways of making money online.

Presently My life has totally changed.

If you want to learn how to get lot of visitors and make money from your blog without investing full time and little investment.There are literally thousands of people in the world, with their own social media accounts, blogs and sites. If you want to grow your followers, and make your blog profitable learn and implement with right information.

This blog was started for the right information in which upcoming blogger are facing difficulty these days. After reading my blog posts or article, you’ll feel that “Right Choice” click and go how to start a blog

  If you follow my blog, you will learn

  • How to start at WordPress blog and customize it step by step.
  • Make your blog a superior blog and make full time income from it.
  • Create good content for your article without spending hours.
  • How to get lot of visitors turn your blog every month.
  • How can you earn from affiliate marketing.
  • How Digital Marketing works.
  • Useful Product review.

I am putting more efforts to make it a good blog for our readers. I sharing above information and Tips without any cost. It’s totally free.

On my blog 99 % of my content is useful and it’s totally free. Just by reading this blog or post we are not forcing you to trust us instead of it we are providing you my free materials on this blog for yourself.



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