5 Essential Features Your Web Host Must Have

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It is important that your web host must have all the essential features and technologies. However, you may not be aware of what you should look for in a web host. They all say they are the best, most reliable, etc. but how do you decipher who is really telling the truth? How do you find out what is really important when choosing a web host? In this article you will find the 5 things your web host must have. When you are researching a web host and you come across one that does have what you would like.

Five Essential Features Your Web Host Must Have!

1. Control Panel:-

The control panel is that the place you’ll be visiting most frequently, so it should be easy to use, have all the features you would like,etc. you’ll find an excellent cPanel, which provides one among the simplest control panel user experiences among all of the others. cPanel offers quite 40 different icons, 50 of the foremost used PHP scripts, shopping carts, forums, and even a WordPress blog – one among the simplest blog hosts out there’s cPanel also provides a simple to use layout and navigation so once you do use it you’ll ditch frustration.

2. 24 X 7 Support:-

Your web host should be working for you round the clock. This may keep your website up and running 99.9% of the time, and therefore the server should be ready to locate and repair if found any problems. It’s rare that a server could become inactive, but if/when it does happen, you are doing not want it to happen to your website.That means lost sales, lost visitors, and perhaps even lost customers for all times.Nobody wants that. The online host should be working all of the time – no exceptions.

It should constantly monitor your website a minimum of every jiffy for problems, check your server load and RAM,and be ready to let administrators know immediately in order that they can instantaneously fix the matter.Your web host should also provide a fireplace wall to stay your website safe from hackers, viruses, and anything that would affect your website.

3. An impressive Server:

If you would like to avoid regular problems and an excessive amount of downtime (all which will be avoided) you would like to seek out an internet host with a reliable server.The online web host’s server should have multiple hard drives, good RAM, the newest CPUs,the simplest power supply, quality motherboards, an excellent cooling system, and a testing system for all new servers.

4. Linux Servers:-

No, you are doing not need windows servers. You ought to get an internet host that uses Linux only. You don’t have to have Linux on your own computer to possess an internet host that uses Linux. Linux has been shown to be more reliable and ready to handle larger loads than other server operating systems. It even better at virus protection and features a better uptime than others.

5. Free Features:-

Your web host should provide you with a spread of free features, or features that you simply can use for a little fee. These features should include things that you simply can use for your website like graphics, blogs, paid pages, sub domains, interesting facts to feature to your website, forums, and more.

So instead of giving you the ton of hosting list, do you know the useful and essential features your web host must have, I hope your search for a suitable web host will be easy…….

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